Tess – Superfood (12 Pack)

Each Tess lolly contains: organic banana, filtered water, organic coconut milk, dragon fruit, acai berry concentrate and organic maple syrup.

Tess is not your average lolly. The only thing that is fiery about her is the wild combination of tasty flavours in an icy treat. This flavour bomb of exotic dragon fruit and banana gives kids the vitamin boost they need to stay healthy and active.

Adding to the mix, acai berries that give this lolly mega antioxidant power as well as healthy fibers and fats. To round it all off Tessa adds a sublime creaminess from a vitamin packed (C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6) infusion of coconut milk. It just goes to show, not all dragons are hotheads…they can be pretty cool too!

R30 Each

Contact us for bulk orders of 40 lollies or more, excluding delivery.