Our imPRESSice Journey

Our kids relationship towards food is not as simple as good or bad behaviour, as role models we can tread gently and lead by example.

As two moms of two, the ongoing vegetable debacle was a frequent one in our households. As kids naturally move through various phases of eating, it often feels hard to keep up.

The psychology around food is truly a major element in our lives as adults, but even more so in  the lives of our children. During these food battles it is easy to lose sight of factors such as nutrition, fun and stress-free.

So with intricate knowledge of nutrition and food composition, imPRESSice artisan ice lollies were created. Colourful, delicious, fun frozen snacks with 100% hidden goodness in the form of fruit, vegetables and superfoods - meet the ultimate in snack compromise for children and parents alike.

imPRESSice ice lollies contain nutrient dense fruit, vegetables and superfoods which have been cold pressed to retain the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. Each flavour combination has been thoughtfully created with your little ones' sensory attributes in mind and put to the test by our very own kiddie tasting panel.We felt that there was a much needed step to be taken towards creating a more balanced and less stressful relationship with food beginning in childhood. Ice lollies evoke feelings of happiness and excitement in children.

imPRESSice therefore serves as a wonderfully positive platform to introduce some healthy hidden fruit, vegetables and superfoods in a form that most children already love and enjoy. Not only can you rest assured that these delicious snacks are truly nutritious and contain zero additives but our recipes also contain largely organic produce where available.

The convenience of having imPRESSice stocked in your freezer ready for fuss-free snack time is something us parents only dream of! This concept was born out of far more than an opportunity to create and sell, it has heart and depth, with a vision to fundamentally change the way we engage with our children around food.

Lori is a qualified Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work. Lori has a passion for working with and supporting people on their journey towards a healthier relationship with food and body. Wellness and the psychological impacts of food and strained or unhealthy relationships with body image are a main focus in Lori’s therapeutic work with clients. Lauren is a qualified Food Technologist, with a Bachelor's degree in food technology. She has a decade of experience in new product development and experience in food safety management. Lauren has a true love for food and turning food concepts into creative realities.

Meet Kirstin Sylvester, the knowledgeable and passionate dietitian advising and collaborating on the imPRESSice range.

Kirstin is a Registered Dietitian with her BSc Dietetics Cum Laude and BA in Psychology. Kirstin has a keen interest in behaviour change and the interlink between nutrition and psychology. She is passionate about working in paediatrics and focuses on empowering women and children to have a healthy relationship with food. On social media, she is known as "the healthtitian" because her approach is not diet focused but ensuring her clients sustainably achieve optimal health.