Dumi – Something Nice (12 Pack)

Each Dumi lolly contains: Organic coconut milk (Organic coconut, water), Organic Maple syrup, Organic coconut palm sugar, Blooming butter sunflower butter (Sunflower seeds, Organic coconut sugar, Salt), Organic coconut flour, Organic Vanilla bean.

Dumi is here to bring on the yum. It is hard to resist a spoonful of decadent cookie dough, right? Well, how about you try out Dumi, our healthy cookie dough lolly that ticks all the flavour boxes. This lolly is full of sunflower seeds whose vitamin-E properties act as fat soluble anti-oxidants. Dumi gives a boost of selenium, which is great for a healthy thyroid and is also packed with healthy fats for a good strong heart.

This lolly has been given just the right pop of lip-smacking sweetness by adding organic coconut palm sugar and maple syrup. The real magic starts when we add Rude Health’s organic brown rice drink and sumptuous coconut milk to the mix – making a lolly that is both sweet, refreshing and adds a creamy punch. Don’t be a dodo, enjoy some healthy cookie dough and bring on the smiles.

R30 Each

Contact us for bulk orders of 40 lollies or more, excluding delivery.