Sam – Fruit & Veg (12 Pack)

Each Sam lolly contains: nectarine, mango, organic butternut and maple syrup.

With the colour of the sun, this golden-yellow lolly captures summer at its best. Smooth, creamy and subtly sweet are a few sensations you can look forward to in this lolly. Cool down, summer in the city, Sam is here to make you feel pretty. Out comes the sun and with it a golden yellow explosion of fiber-rich summer deliciousness.

Bursting with vitamins A, B, C and E, this is one treat that will power-up young bodies to handle anything. Enjoy sweet mango notes that pair
beautifully with zingy nectarine and a splash of natural creamy butternut smoothness. This lip-smacking lolly is a frozen souvenir of everything that makes summer great.

R24 Each

Contact us for bulk orders of 40 lollies or more, excluding delivery.